Meet Our team

The staff and leaders at Valley Bible Church are comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in our church. To get in touch with any of our staff members, feel free to email through the links below or call our church office. 

You can contact the church office at 925-227-1301

our elders

Valley Bible Church is an Elder led church, following the model in Acts where Elders were appointed and entrusted to lead each local church under the headship of Jesus (Acts 14:23)

  • tim barley

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  • devon dodgen

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  • gary darnell

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  • Jim Jahncke

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  • jay scott

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  • gary stafford

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  • randy white

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pastoral stafF

Tim Barley (Ext.11): Executive Pastor & Elder (

Gary Darnell (Ext. 15) : Teaching Pastor & Elder (

Patrick Wehmann (925-321-5358) : Teaching Pastor, Altamont campus (

Jason Moog (Ext.14): Pastor to Young Adults (

Nathan Baird (Ext. 12): Pastor of Discipleship Development (

Charlie Meng: Teaching Pastor (

Dan Gillette (Ext. 16): Music Pastor, Crossing campus (

Shawn Hoelsch (Ext. 16): Music Pastor, Altamont campus (

Luke Greenaway (925-487-5508): Pastor to Middle School Students  (

Stephen Greenaway: Pastor to High School Students (

Wayne Johnson (Ext. 20): Community Ministries & Sports Pastor (

Sharon Collard (Ext. 22): Pastor to Women, Crossing campus (

Caroline Roeschke (925-449-1637): Pastor to Women, Altamont campus (

Karen Glavee (925-289-6832): Pastor to Children (

Jay Scott (Ext. 13) :  Finance Board Member & Elder (

Gary Stafford (925) 426-0081 : Men's Ministry Leader & Elder (

  • Nathan baird

    Disciplesihp Development

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  • sharon collard

    Pastor to Women - Crossing

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  • Dan Gillette

    Music Pastor - Crossing

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  • shawn hoelsch

    Music PASTOR - Altamont

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  • Karen glavee

    PASTOR TO children

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  • Luke Greenaway

    pastor to middle schoolers

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  • stephen greenaway

    pastor to high school students

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  • wayne johnson

    Community Ministries Pastor

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  • Charlie meng

    Teaching pastor

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  • jason moog

    Pastor to young adults

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  • caroline Roeschke

    Pastor to women - Altamont

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  • patrick wehmann

    Teaching Pastor-Altamont

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deacons & staff

Steve Collard, Deacon

Stewardship Committee (Treasurer)

Ed Bongiorno, Deacon

Stewardship Committee

Cecil Plummer, Deacon

Stewardship Committee

Steve Harmon, Deacon

Stewardship Committee

Walter Johnson, Deacon

Stewardship Committee

Chris & Linda Cline, Missions

925.828.9497 (home)

Heather Moog, Office Manager

925.227.1301, ext. 17

Sarah Grebe,  Administrator

Quest & Small Groups Ministries

Matthew Howden

Facilities Manager & Graphic Designer


Natalie Moog, Support

Women's Ministries

Kristi Shannon, Administrator

Student Ministries                         

925.227.1301, ext. 21

Cynthia Stafford,  Event Coordinator

Women's Ministries


Cindy White, Financial Services

925.227.1301, ext. 23