When you look around during Christmas Season, you will no doubt see celebrations of all types. Whether it's decorations on homes, ornaments on trees, or gatherings with family, many people take the month of December to focus on family, the joy of giving, and the Christmas spirit.

Here at Valley Bible Church, while we certainly do all those things, we remember that Christmas is more than that. This is a time that we remember and praise God for sending his Son to the Earth for our benefit. We invite you to join us this month as we celebrate our Savior's birth together.


At Valley Bible Church, we exist in order to connect followers of Christ, to grow the church body and to serve the church through engaging, biblical content. We gather on Sunday mornings to be encouraged and equipped to live lives worthy of the good news of Jesus Christ. We trust that as followers of Jesus, we are new creations, transformed and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live in a way that provides evidence of this newness of life.

If you're new, we would love to get to know you better. If you'd like more information about us, please Contact Us or feel free to email us at admin@thecrossing.org