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Hey team, you've landed on a super secret, for your eyes only, web page on our new VBC website. This page contains the link to our current Team Schedule (see below), and will have all kinds of fun and helpful music/tech resources to check out (articles, videos, etc...)

The first thing we want you to read is our team Vision and Mission Statements. I'm sure you remember these from when you first filled out your team application, but these words are so important to revisit. It's easy to hit auto pilot and forget the motivations behind what we do! I pray you are encouraged as you read! Enjoy and don't forget to check out the Team Schedule at the bottom of the page!

Music & Tech Vision

We exist to exalt the Triune God and cultivate a community that worships Him.

Music & Tech Mission:

We strive to express the genuine worth of Jesus Christ by the help of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father.

We do this with a team of musicians and technicians who, by what is seen and heard, create an atmosphere that is conducive to authentic communion with God. Through our example, we seek to encourage our church family to reflect on God's word, respond to His grace, and revel in His glory. As ambassadors of the Gospel, we reach out to all generations of our community, sharing the truth and love of Jesus in our music and service.

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Helpful Articles

the music stand discussion

Over the past few months you may have noticed an effort on the part of our worship leaders and vocalists to move away from using music stands during Sunday morning services.

We have been strongly encouraging our worship leaders and vocalists to be more aware of how they are engaging with the congregation by looking up from the music as they lead them in worship.

For those that have gone without music stands, what has been your experience? Good, bad, otherwise? Have you noticed a difference in how you connect and engage with the family of God during music?

For others on the team, have you noticed a difference during the weeks you are off stage? Do you feel a greater connection to what is happening with the team during music? Are the leaders easier to follow? Is it more/less distracting?

Click the links below to read some thought provoking articles on the topic of whether to use music stands or not. We are committed to prayerfully experiment with this for the foreseeable future - join the conversation by sending Shawn or I a quick email. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Click here to read


Click here to read

true worship displays

The gathering recently finished a short series entitled Think Before You Sing with the goal of teaching the importance of engaging our minds when we sing in worship. Throughout the series we received a lot of questions regarding the lifting of hands in singing. What is the reason for this expression? What does it represent? Is modeled and explained in the Bible?

I came across a helpful article from Desiring God that address these questions and talks more about physical expression in singing. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Click here to read