VBC Missionaries

An Update on our missionaries

VBC supports missionaries in South Africa, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, China, Pakistan, & Iraq as well as local organizations. We encourage you to pray for them and read their updates below. 

SOuth Africa

Nicole Gillette

Living and serving at the El Roi Baby Home at the Refilwe Community Project in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nicole currently manages the care of 12 babies at a time, newborn to 3 years of age. Additionally, Nicole manages a team of 8 local and international Aunties who help tend to the babies 24/7. Please pray for Nicole in all of her roles at Refilwe, that God would uphold her in strength, wisdom, grace and love as she cares for the precious babies at El Roi and all the members of the Refilwe community.

For updates and prayer needs, visit Nicole’s blog.

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jozsef & Daniela Danko

Jozseph and Daniela have a home church in Ukraine that ministers to the gypsy community and war torn families. In their own words, "the focus of our ministry is to built God's kingdom, to bring people to Christ, teach them to depend on the Lord, be led by Him, to love Him, spend intimacy time with Him, be equipped and let them bring Christ to every corner of this region and wherever God wants to use them." 

For an update on Jozseph and Daniela's work & prayer requests, click here


Lajos & Evódia Budai

Lajos and Evodia live in Oradea, Romania. Currently Lajos has been asked to pastor a newly planted church near their home. In addition, Lajos and his wife provide outreach events to spread the gospel and they are involved in supporting the orphans in their community. 

For an update on Lajos & Evodia's work & prayer requests, click here


Valley Bible Church also supports Timo and his local church in Germany.

Their work includes:  

  • Ministry to their refugee communities (physical, emotional, & spiritual needs)
  • Development of spiritual leaders to plant new churches and ministries
  • Providing for the needs of the local community (providing water sources, training up the locals so that they can provide for their families)

For an update on Timo's work & prayer requests, click here


Samson and Qamar Titus

Samson and Qamar oversee and lead Ten.14 Ministries in Pakistan. The goal of the ministry is to increase the ministry workforce, provide reliable transportation for the ministers in Pakistan, stimulate the local Pakistani economy, provide ambulatory care to the “Untouchables”, and help provide an opportunity for quality education for those who would not have it otherwise through Daniel's School System.

Samson and Qamar were born and raised in Pakistan as fourth generation Christians and have been married since 1989. After attending All Nations Christian College in London, England, they returned to Pakistan in 1991 to work with the tribal (Bheel) people in southern Pakistan. In 1994 they came to US and were ordained to be ministers of the Gospel in 1995. They set up the mission’s office to raise much needed financial support for the work of Ten.14 ministry in Pakistan. After Qamar’s Father, Dr. William Daniel, passed away in 1996, they were placed in the leadership position to oversee the work in Pakistan.

For an update on Samson and Qamar's work & prayer requests, click here

Visit their website:  ten14.org

To visit Daniel's School System Youtube channel, click here.

valley pregnancy center

pleasanton, ca

Valley Pregnancy Center is a Christian-based organization started in 1988 as a way to offer a safe and caring place where women facing an unplanned pregnancy could find confidential information about all of her options without the pressure of time and cost. 

Their passion is to empower women in making a confident choice. A choice that reflects her own values and beliefs. They provide support, while honoring the woman as an individual and their main focus is on the client and the client’s needs. They serve and honor all clients regardless of their race, religion, age, gender, political views or other distinctions.  


Visit their website at: www.valleypregnancycenter.com


Pastor Fadheel

Pastor Fadheel pastors a church in Zakho, Iraq among the Muslim and Yazidi surrounding communities. Pastor Fadheel and his church serve the Yazidi and the Christian families by providing for their basic needs, such as food and water. Their focus is to also disciple those who accept the Gospel, so that they can take the Gospel to their own. They do this through weekly worship and teaching services, usually followed by family meal, in addition to Sunday services and weekly Breaking of Bread and Prayer meetings.  

Pastor Fadheel's vision for their church is to see people transformed by the gospel, partner with churches locally and globally, raise and appoint leaders (based on the description in 1 Timothy 3). In addition, they plan to start an authorized preschool, develop biblical curriculum for discipleship and expand their women's ministry. 


moses & Jen

Moses is the pastor of a church in China and is currently in Pleasanton attending seminary. We'll get more information on Moses and his work soon!