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July 24, 2018

Please pray as Pakistan is waking up to Election day today.

It is crucial that we have government that allows gospel advances. We have strict laws right now,but there are ways to share...yes there is always a risk...but that doesn't stop us from doing what God has called us to do!!!

As many of you know that Samson was planning to return to Pakistan at the end of July. He will now be returning at the end of August as there is a lot of Unrest in the country. We are being advised from Pakistan to not come yet. Our school in Pakistan is due to open for Fall semester 2018 on August 10th...this may change due to the outcome and situation after the elections.

Bheel Ministry Report June 2018

Despite the high temperatures up to 118 degrees,our pastors are continuing to go out to share the gospel. We are thankful to each and everyone of our partners who make it possible for us to share the gospel with one of the most unreached people groups...The Bheel people. 

June 2018

Praise The Lord

We would like to Thank each and every one of you, who sent us prayers and wishes for the graduation of our children Rebecca from Ouchita University and Daniel from Dubiski Career High School along with our 29th wedding Anniversary. June has been a month of celebrations and spending time together as Family as Samson is in the States for the Summer. He will be returning to Pakistan before the School starts.

Daniel's School in Pakistan is closed for the Summer, will reopen on August 10th. We currently have 83 students. Please pray for the school that we get many more students as we sow the seeds of God's love in their little hearts.

We need your prayer and support more than ever before, as we reach out to a hostile nation, which needs to know the love of Jesus Christ so desperately.

We are truly thankful to each and everyone of you. For all who are supporting us with prayer and finances. May the Lord bless you as you partner with us in Extending His kingdom.

If you have not given. We ask you prayerfully consider making a one-time donation or commit to giving a monthly contribution to sponsor the Christian Students, who are unable to afford School tuition fee and other expenses like stationary books and uniforms. We have 22 Christian student one is able to pay and two are sponsored monthly. We are in need of 19 sponsorship. It takes $50.00 a month or $600.00 a year to support a Christian student. We need your prayers and support for the operating needs of the ministry in Pakistan

Excited to share Women's Worth Thailand. 

Pinky is a great leader. She is from Pakistan, now lives in Thailand. She teaches English at an ESL school. She has learned Thai language and engages well with the Thai and other nationalities. This is what she wrote me:

We were eight women(one of them left earlier as she had some appointment) from South Africa, Philippines, Thailand and Pakistan. We had a beautiful time praising and worshiping God together in our women's fellowship. Our topic was " Coming back to the heart of worship" . Everybody experienced God's love in a wonderful way, the bondage was broken, and deliverance was received..all glory to God. 

Click on the link to view the album

June Meeting

Had a lovely brunch for our Women's Worth Dallas,TX group. We shared from God's word about God's faithfulness in times of Adversity. Thanks to Rubina for hosting. She was proud to show Wonderful to see her little grand daughter Ellie

Prayer Requests

Please pray for more people to be reached with the life-changing message of the gospel in Pakistan.

Please pray for more students to be enrolled at Daniel's School in Pakistan.

Please Pray for the Bheel Church building/Community center to be built. We are need of funds to complete by December 2018

Please pray for more partners to join us in prayer and finances to continue serving in Pakistan. 

April 24, 2018

Thank you so much for your prayers . We had a tremendous trip to Thailand and Pakistan. Now back home in America, to attend several award ceremonies leading up to high school graduation for our son Daniel and graduation for our daughter Rebecca from Ouchita Baptist University. 

The last email I sent before leaving was quite stressful. Thank you so much for your prayers. The person who sent threats to defame us and the ministry never said anything afterwards. We are believing the Lord stopped him. We don't want the Lord's work hindered or defamed in any way. We believe that prayer is our only weapon against such attacks. Please continue to lift us up in your prayers.


It was an awesome time to gather together with believers from around the world to learn and worship. We celebrated Resurrection Sunday in Thailand. The Lord has given us some neat strategies from this conference to reach Pakistan with the Gospel.

New Motorcycle

We praise God for providing the funds to purchase a new motorcycle for pastor Hurrya. Every 2-3 years we change the motorcycles for our pastors. Our pastors go out each day to reach out to the Bheels with the gospel message.

Visit to the Sewing Center

While in Pakistan,we visited the Sewing Center. The girls were eager to show me what they had stitched. They are learning the word of God as they come together each day. Once a week Miman comes and shares health and safety tips with the students.

Touching Hearts...Changing Lives

March 21,2018

We are truly thankful to each and everyone of you for your Prayers and Support. You enable us to take the GOSPEL to Pakistan. Samson and I will be traveling to Thailand this week for a prayer conference. Samson will be joining me from Pakistan. We will go to Pakistan after finishing the Conference. Please pray for safe travels and for us to be used for God's glory.  We may have limited access on social media and will not be sending update emails while in Pakistan. 

Our pastors are reaching out to the Bheels deep in the dessert. A new area to open for the gospel. Several men came to hear. Please pray for the seeds of God's love to flourish. Click here to view album: 

Student of the week awards are granted to students who are punctual,have good conduct during school, and have neatness in their class work and home work. We are proud to bestow this prestigious award to these brilliant students at Daniel's School in Pakistan. Click here to view album: