bible recitation

Join us as we memorize God's word

Join our Recitation Core Group as we encourage each other to memorize and recite scripture. We develop creative presentations of scripture, coordinate recitations with teachers and worship leaders, and nurture folks along the memorization and recitation process. 

How it Works

  • You choose a passage and translation that you'd like to memorize and recite
  • We'll set a goal, allowing you plenty of time to prepare
  • We'll meet for onstage rehearsals  
  • You will stay in charge of when you recite -- it's only when you are confident
  • You will be supported during your recitation

Join us!

  • Our Core Group meets on Saturdays, 8am to 9am at Peet’s Coffee & Tea, 4620 Tassajara Rd, Dublin 94568
  • We host a "Recitation Open Mic" the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the VBC sanctuary at our Pleasanton Crossing location.

Email us if you are interested in joining! 

How it works

Reciter's Guidelines

  • You choose the Bible translation that you'd like to recite
  • ESV, NIV, MSG, KJV, etc.
  • You will have time to prepare
  • Memorizing with the goal of reciting to yourself or another person is one thing -- memorizing in order to recite to a large audience is much more involved
  • You stay in charge of when you recite
  • The final say of when you are ready to recite rests with you – even up to the day of recitation. If you feel that it will do you more harm than good to recite, then don’t. You won’t be shamed (your name is not published in advance) or cajoled.
  • You will be supported during your recitation
  • There will always be somebody “on book” in the front row who can prompt you if you lose track

Choosing your passage

  • Recite a favorite passage
  • For previously memorized passage, email verse references to the Recitation leadership team. That let's us contact you when your passage could enhance a future worship service.
  • Pick a new passage that you want to hide in your heart.
  • For a passage you would like to memorize, and for which you need some encouragement --
  • email the verse to the leadership team. We would be glad to give you the encouragement you need!
  • Read our Recitation Email for Ideas
  • We send out periodic emails citing passages pertinent to future messages at least a month in advance. Email the Recitation leadership team to receive the email.

Our Recitations

For encouragement, take a look at our past recitations!